The Map of the Personalised Learning Environment

I think that developing ‘digital literacies’ is a rather late to me: I am more in need of extending them beyond the customary and well-known sphere of my daily practices.

This is how it is: I feel rather antiquated.

For me, digital literacy is an instance of application of the critical thinking practices to the Internet environment and the tools available in it. Whilst the instrumental part of this instance is rather unique, the methodological one is common to any process of critical perception of media. During the LiDA100 course, I found a few new instruments useful for navigating the Internet, indeed. However, the further development of my digital literacies cannot be planned easily, since I need to focus on the methodological issues instead of dealing with specific software or resources. After all, finding information is not a problem for me at all – the problem is putting it into context and order.