Summing Up 2022 and Setting Up 2023

On 2022

The last three years were not at all pleasant or happy, but the 2022 was the worst one; The country I was born in showed the world its worst. So bad to the point I am no longer consider myself to be a Russian. If Russians made Bucha Massacre, I am in no way a Russian. I don't want to be classified with the same label this murdering and raping scum of the Earth. I have never viewed Ukraine as an enemy, and seeing ~70% of people in Russia doing so makes me sick of my country of birth, the country that degraded from the victors over fascism into a literal fascists state.

Ukraine has shown us much about the real meaning of national pride, dignity and unity. And I have no doubt that 2023 will be the Year of Victory over Russia.

Another country, with which I fell in love, was Armenia. A wonderful, ardent and beautiful country that sheltered me at the worst period of the year. I think I'll move there for good as soon as I've finished my Bachelor's degree.

But speaking about my intellectual life, I don't have much to say. I continue to develop my point of view on the sociological matters – more precisely, on the non-existence of ‘sociology’ as a specific science and the need for re-structuring the understanding of Social Science in general.

On 2023

I do not have many hopes for 2023. To make me absolutely happy, the victory of Ukraine will suffice regardless of my personal financial standing.

As for the studies – I hope I shall be able to tease some geese with the critique of sociology as it is institutionalised at some conferences.

Speaking of personal life – hopefully, I shall be able to get a parrot.

And, of course, there should definitely be much studying and a lot of interesting discoveries.

A Short Translation Auxiliary to the ‘Human Action’ by Ludvig von Mises

During the introduction, Mises makes a note that the first use of the term Praxeology occurred first in a work by Alfred Espinas, who had been a positivist before becoming a realist.

So, I translated the part being referred to: Alfred Espinas. Les Origines de la Technologie. // Revue Philosophique de la France et de l'Étranger. T. 30 (Julliet à December 1890). p. 114-116; I think I'll translate the whole article later, it is rather interesting from what I've skimmed through.

Dive into the definition

A Plan for a Holiday

I have finally got my hands on the ‘Human Action’ by Ludwig von Mises in paper, so it is finally time to make a great summary of it in about a month's time.

Since my main focus in the research is related to the critique of the modern ‘Sociology’, I am going to read this foundational writing in a rather unorthodox manner.

For me, the critique of the historical and economic sciences unfolded by Mises is much more important than his critique of socialism.

Take a look at the chart