A Plan for a Holiday

I have finally got my hands on the ‘Human Action’ by Ludwig von Mises in paper, so it is finally time to make a great summary of it in about a month's time.

Since my main focus in the research is related to the critique of the modern ‘Sociology’, I am going to read this foundational writing in a rather unorthodox manner.

For me, the critique of the historical and economic sciences unfolded by Mises is much more important than his critique of socialism.

flowchart TB id00["Introduction"] --> id01["Part one. Human Action"] id01 --> id02["Part seven. The Place of Economics in Society"] id02 --> id03["Part two. Action within the Framework of Society"] id06 --> id07["Part three. Economic Calculation"] id03 --> id04["Part four. Catallactics or Economics of the Market Society"] id04 --> id05["Part six. The Hampered Market Economy"] id05 --> id06["Part five. Social Cooperation without a Market"]