Done with LiDA

I have finally read through the Learning in the Digital Age course. It content was interesting enough to give me a lot of ideas, but not important enough to spend time on preparing for the exam and getting a certificate.

However, yet another ‘tail’ from the bloody 2022 is cut.

January Reading Program

This month it is plain and simple:

  • Non-Fiction: ‘Human Action’ by Ludwig von Mises
  • Fiction: ‘The Canterbury Tales’ by Geoffrey Chaucer

The first I need for my projects in the field of Social Science, the second I need for extending my vocabulary and enriching it in the department of quaint and outdated words.

Hm… Why won't I make Wednesdays reading report days in this blog?

New Year’s Eve Progress

During the New Year's Eve I've finished the conspectus of

Turner, Stephen Park & Turner, Jonathan H. (1990). The Impossible Science: An Institutional Analysis of American Sociology. Sage Publications. (Amazon Link)

It was quite a wonderful guide through the history of American social science, not through the ideas, though, but through the hierarchies, organisations, and so on.

The New Year holidays were thus spent on getting all the scientists of interests catalogued within my second brain (and all their works downloaded and stored just in case).

Now I feel that I am capable of returning to the good old ‘Human Action’ by Ludwig von Mises.