Moving Forward Despite the Problems (and some Plans)

I have finally managed to put an end to manual note-writing due to its non-connectedness, slowness and problems with comprehension. This was quite a difficult process because I have got very used to jotting notes by hand since 2010.

So, it is time to double down on my research and optimise multiple other practices so to catch up with the time lost in depression, speaking of which…

Life in Russia seems to have much to do with my depression: this feeling of helplessness against the violent idiocy of the Russian life, where almost no one is allowed to act on one's own accord, and must comply to the party line.

From my handwritten diaries.

So, by the 1st September, 2023 I am going to leave Russia for good. So to achieve that, I need to:

  • Sell the belongings that can be sold;
  • Make sure I leave nothing of importance behind;
  • Find a university to enter to finish my Bachelor's degree.

Hopefully, I leave Russia before the crackdown on the Internet takes place.