News about Me (1st Half of June)

  1. I have finally gotten the Web 1.0 look and feel for the web site using this wonderful open-source theme. Shout out to Erick Rucker from
  2. I have unsubscribed from Twitter Blue and decided not to integrate my Twitter feed to the website. Reason? Twitter is just a hot pile of mess, that has more fuel for emotional involvement than the actual information of importance that can feed my (or your) brains.
  3. As of now, the comments on the web site are turned off (of course, until real living people want to comment my scribblings). Reason: I don't want to empty my spam bin on the daily basis.
  4. A month out of the Russian Federation has done to my mental health more good than 3 years on Zoloft and Selectra. An important life lesson leant avoid living in a bullshit society.