My Take on the Attention Economy

So, now I can make posts by means of e-mail. This is very convenient, since this allows to convert my Obsidian notes into blog posts with minimal editing.

It is very convenient, because it basically removes the need to open a web browser to broadcast my ideas. Which, in turn, reduces the number of times I open some web sites because of habit, not because of need.

This, in turn, allows further economy of attention, since I need it for my projects and ideas, and not for anyone else’s.

The next step would be to finalise the monitoring of the news by means of combining the RSS subscriptions and the e-mail ones: once my system gets a message, it should me marked read and put to a folder, so then I can either skim through the list at will, or search for certain topics whenever I see fit.

This may look rather old-fashioned to some of my readers, but in the long run, attention is the resource I need for myself, and I am rather tired of it being depleted by the various players on the attention economy market.

The next stage, however, will be the most difficult: I will have to establish a schedule of communication with the real people around me, so I keep them posted on myself, keep myself posted on them, and all that without bullshit small talk or other pseudo-social bullshitry.

I think I shall share the exact methods and results upon completing and testing the system.