Progress with the ‘Human Action’

I have finally collected myself together and continued working hard on making my conspect of the ‘Human Action’ by Ludwig von Mises. [link] Chapter XVII is finally behind.

One of the best parts of the work – in addition to the purely praxeological consideration of the indirect exchange – is the logical, detailed and concrete explanation of the sources of the inflationist policies of the modern (XX and XXI centuries) governments.

This historical and sociological regression is very important, because it makes a lot of the current phenomena very clear: e.g. the role of credit expansion through the issuance of the fiduciary media as a tool of granting particular groups of people out of political convenience.

There is no need in a long search for an illustration to that thesis: Now in Ruᛋᛋia there are a lot of military members – basically all who are smart enough not to throw their money away on booze, meth and cheap AIDS-laden whores – who have been put to the favourable position in the economy. They are buying a lot of real goods (since it does not take a 130 IQ to understand the mechanics of inflation), so everyone else ‘enjoys’ serious price hikes on the housing, automobile-related markets and even on the market of food.

When the dust settles and Ruᛋᛋia loses, the military must pay the bulk of the reparations, because they were many times privileged by Khuilo's government through:

  • Inflationist policies
  • De-facto authorisation of any crime on the occupied terrtories
  • The social programs
  • Direct payments

Work & Study : The Ruᛋᛋian Way

A cool find in the Ruᛋᛋian YT shows how the Ruᛋᛋian system of education is rapidly transforming from the Soviet-style bullshit to a Ruᛋᛋian Taliban.

The Alabuga Polytechnic College is quite a sight, as it seems:

  • Ungedage Students Building Shaheed Drones
  • Contracts for studying with free entrance and huge fees for drop-outs ($4,500 per year)
  • Mandatory paramilitary-style training under the threat of expelling
  • Replacement of studies with work

This is an unfortunate but logical conclusion for the Ruᛋᛋian education system: the quality of studies is being constantly sacrificed to the political goals. Sometimes these goals are relatively innocent like university-scale testing fraud or voluntary-mandatory participation in the pro-government events. Sometimes, and the farther into war the more, these goals acquire quite a grim character.

It is yet another show-case that in Ruᛋᛋia, the education system is being replaced with a system of indoctrination; academic independence and achievement is yet again replaced with the loyalty to the Party and critical thinking and active citizenship is punished both institutionally and monetarily.

Progress With Markov

I have successfully finished the first chapter of Markov's book on the theory of algorithms. In short – it's interesting, but quite complex.

The good part is that Markov strongly relies on the inductive method and because of that, one quickly catches up with the author.

Another interesting finding - the Refal programming language which seems to be based on the principles of Markov's Normal Algorithms. It seems that it does not have a large community, so finding a working interpreter may be actually harder than writing one by the specifications from the 1980s, LOL.

Maths Plans

Got all the shots, and then some more.

In return to my Math studies, I decided to pursue this way.

flowchart TB id00["Mathematical Logic"] id01["Algebra"] id02["Real Analysis"] id03["Complex Analysis"] id04["Probability"] id05["Statistics"] id00 -->|"Markov A.A. Theory of Algorithms"| id01 id01 -->|"Serge Lang. Algebra"| id02 id02 -->|"Baby Rubin"| id03 id03 -->|"???"| id04 id04 -->|"Shirayev. Probability"| id05

A Mad Day

Spent some time in search of some good sandals — the local market is surprisingly predominated with a couple of other kinds of shoes, but in an insanely great variety.

While going home, I was bitten by a neighbour's dog right in a couple houses from my street. Now I am going to receive an anti-rabies and anti-tetanus shot.

Casus Ginoi

Pete Judo has published a video review on the recent Harvard scandal regarding Francesca Gino and Frank Arieli.

The source articles of his review with the data sets are here:
One | Two | Three | Four

What can be extracted from these articles in terms of practical knowledge:

  1. There should be no faith in the scientist's reputation or credentials.
  2. If a piece of research is important to your academic or scientific work - always try to get the data set and verify it for consistency.
  3. If data is ‘too good’, then it is most probably bad.

The Libertarian Party U.S.A. is Done

A really good report from Reason.TV about the downfall of the Libertarian Party. This ‘Mises Caucus’ seems to look like a bastardised version of Murray Rothbard meeting the hillbillies prone to fighting.

The Twitter of this organisation is just an illustration of mindless contrarianism, praising Putin/Taliban/China along with just a few sound judgements.

For me, libertarianism is not about puerile contrarianism, but about the preservation and enhancement of the individual freedom by means of reason, not by means of emotional blackmail. So, if this is the face of libertarianism in one of the freest countries of the world, I think it is time for me to leave this marker, at least until the clouds clear.

The Middle of the Year

Half the year is lived through.

Quite an interest half, by the way.

The midterm impression of the year is rather clear and intense: I am not going the man I was, of course. On the other hand, I also found out that I definitely not want to be seen as, called or considered to be a Ruᛋᛋian.

Ilya Kormiltsev had quite a few good quotes in his LiveJournal about the so-called ‘Ruᛋᛋians’.

I love the Ruᛋᛋians. They always know for sure, who should be banned. For about twenty years or so I hope that someone arrives and bans them. As a class. With all their millennial history of their bosses' ass licking, of lash and nagaoka, of alcoholism and degeneracy, of violence and inhuman hatred. With every fucktard who knows who exactly should be banned. Alas, these strange creatures do not quite understand that they look like disgusting frees to the whole world… They sake, snivel and make faces in hope to be seen by anyone… but no one… sees them… I am afraid of one thing — that this vermin may have an idea to attempt to ban the humanity as a whole.
Ilya Kormiltsev

And also this:

I have never worked for the intelligentsia. I have never been a part of it. The educated folk, the intellectuals, free professionals — all this is not intelligentsia. The intelligentsia is sitting in the ОГИ and is reading [Haruki] Murakamy. They prepare to ideologically maintain the new version of Chinghiskhania.
Ilya Kormiltsev

And the most resonating

In addition to that it must be recognised that for me nation is a matter of self-identification, not of blood. It is very easy to stop being a Ruᛋᛋian — it is enough to say ‘I am not a Ruᛋᛋian’ in the presence of witnesses, it's like the shahada. Ruᛋᛋian for me is the one who pray on Kremlin and yet another vampire sitting there at the moment, the one who is in ecstasy from the sight on the dirty smoking towers of the Barad-Dur-Moscow and so on and so forth. This piece of shit deserves only the excavator blade, and we need Another Russia and other Russians — ideally, Another Earth and another humanity.
Ilya Kormiltsev

As it happens in history, less than in 20 years since Kormiltsev's words, his having been right was proven once and for all. He stood on the giants' shoulders and thus saw farther than the others.

And this finding gave me a very important goal in my life: not to be a Ruᛋᛋian and to do everything that would make the Ruᛋᛋians cringe when they see me. Because I am not that piece of shit to be classified as a Ruᛋᛋian.

Prepare for the Arduous March!

Putin demanded that the Ruᛋᛋian scientists immediately create replacements for the Western technologies. [The Moscow Times : RU]

With that, the jokes with comparing Ruᛋᛋia with DPRK are less and less funny. The notorious Kim dynasty also put self-sufficiency and the glorious national approach to the top of their principles list. As the result:

  1. The March of Suffering (a.k.a. the Arduous March) happened when the USSR went belly up.
  2. And the story is about to repeat itself after the Chinese and DPRK authorities have shut the border close due to COVID-19 pandemics.

Given that Ruᛋᛋia is hugely dependent on the seed and animal sperm imports, I have no wonder that it will get to the stage of Arduous march in a few years. It is as simple as you can't have strong agriculture without excellent biotech, and you can't have excellent biotech if you can't produce lab equipment and you have banned the genetically-modified organism consumption just to win a few per cent approval rating before the elections.

I only hope to get my mother out of Ruᛋᛋia before the shit hits the fan.

Meanwhile, the shortages of certain drugs, medical equipment etc. are already being reported in Ruᛋᛋia. Why? Because the rich will find the way to get medical help somewhere else, but they are completely alright with the ‘Import-Replacement’ of the ‘Slap-the-Made-in-Ruᛋᛋia-Label-on-the-Cheap-Chinese-Knockoff’ sort. The same will be applied everywhere.

I am I, not Anyone Else

One of the recent[RU] articles was about the discussion around the emigrées from Ruᛋᛋia. And an interesting sociological survey was attached too.

At the moment I completed it, about 27 per cent of the sample responded that they associate themselves with the ‘Ruᛋᛋians who have left Ruᛋᛋia’.This supports the old saying: you can get one from Ruᛋᛋia easily, but it is very difficult to get Ruᛋᛋia from one.

That is why I tend to avoid the Russian immigrants in Armenia. The problem is that the adequate people - in Ruᛋᛋia or outside of it - can leave normally and peacefully. But if someone is psychically Ruᛋᛋian, then that one will bring Ruᛋᛋia everywhere one goes.

It is indeed a bad habit — to identify oneself with the people you don't know or approve of, be it a nation, race, sex or something like that. It is even not an animalistic tendency: an average ape cares only about its own group members, and outsiders are often met with no love (or even killed on the spot).

Collectivism, more precisely, altruism is a thoroughly human kind of poison. Something like a memetic mind-parasite that makes people harm themselves to supposedly benefit some imaginary whole distributed who are able to institutionally link themselves to that imaginary sacrifice target.

So I honestly don't get why people flock into communities that, instead of adapting to the new reality, try to make a bubble, a miniaturised version of the place they have left. If you leave a bad spot on the map, leave it completely, do not put an idealised copy of it on your back and don't try to build a model of it somewhere else, you fools.

If someone calls me a Ruᛋᛋian, it does not make me a Ruᛋᛋian. If someone calls me a Japanese, it does not make a Japanese. If someone calls me a Jew, it does not make me a Jew.

As for me, I am I. Period. And I honestly recommend everyone to apply this approach. It does not make you lonely. It does not make you like your friends and family less. It just makes you more coherent, and less bound by tangible links to quite imaginary entities used to control you in someone else's interest.

DDT – A Tiny Death (Interlinear Translation)

Оригинал: © 2022, Юрий Шевчук, DDT, All Rights Reserved
Перевод: © 2023, Борис Лиссов, Creative Commons Non-Commercial

Маленькая смерть в огромном Мегаполисе,
  A tiny death in a huge Megapolis
Лежит за остановкой в чёрном снегу.
  Lies behind the bus stop in [blood-painted-]black snow.
Никто не заметил её мёртвые волосы,
  No one has noticed their dead hair,
Мимо фары сжигают метель на бегу.
  The headlamps of the by-going cars melt the blizzard on the go.

Тупики Мегаполиса скрывает тьма.
  The dead ends of the Megapolis are covered by darkness,
Нет ни скорой, не ментов, Бога вызывай?!
  There are neither Police nor ER – call God himself!?
На открытых глазах не тает зима,
  The winter[-snow] does not thaw on the dead eyes,
За остановкой — пустырь, за пустырём — рай.
  Behind the bus-stop lies a waste-land, behind the waste-land lies heaven.

Никого, только ветер вращает лопасти
  No one else to be seen, the wind spins the fans
Цивилизации – пластик, наркозакладки.
  Of civilisation: there’s [only] plastic and narco-cashes.
Маленькая смерть лежит у пропасти
  A tiny death lies near the Abbys of an industrial
Промзоны как коммерческая палатка.
  Zone like a souvenirs tent.

Выбирай, выбирай, чего хочешь выбирай.
  Choose, make your choice, select as you please,
Проберись на середину, заползи за край.
  Walk to the centre, crawl over the edge.
Или выйди один и сгори на площади,
  Or go alone and burn on a square
Как всадник апокалипсиса на тощей лошади.
  Like the Horseman of Apocalypse riding the [scrawny] black horse.

Он любит тебя, он следит за тобой,
  He loves you, he looks after you,
Твою маленькую смерть не позволит украсть.
  He won’t let anyone to steal your tiny death.
В этом тупике всё тик-ток, как твой,
  In this dead end all is a Tik-Tok like your
Твой батон Хиггса, голубиная пасть.
  Like your Higgs' bread-loaf, you pigeon-mouth.

За пустырём человейник разжигает огни.
  Behind the waste-land, the man-hill lights its windows.
В пещерах затаились зрачки сигарет.
  In its caves the pupils of cigarettes have made their ambush.
Затянулись и взорвался газом грёбаный бред.
  They dragged on, and the freaking bullshit brew up like the gas,
Выдохнули рай и исчезли они.
  The caves exhaled heaven and disappeared.

Маленькая смерть в огромном Мегаполисе.
  A tiny death in the huge Megapolis.
В остывшем кулачке обрывки личности.
  In a dead-cold fist lie the scraps of eternity.
Не делятся клетки в мёртвой полости,
  The cells do not divide in a dead cavity,
Как не дышит провинция в тисках cтоличности.
  Like the province does not breathe in the vices of metropolis.

Ты родился с концом, но не дожил до конца.
  You was born with a member, but cut your life-membership short.
Эффект Барнума выбесил, хочется выть.
  Barnum’s effect has driven you mad - you want to howl.
Судный день от Пер-во-го лица,
  Apocalypse from the-firtst-damn-face,
Он желает твоей смерти сильней, чем ты жить!
  He wants you dead more than you want to live!

Они желают нашей смерти сильней, чем мы жить.
  They want us all dead more than we want to live!

Они желают нашей смерти сильней, чем мы жить.
  They want us all dead more than we want to live!

Смелая душа, помолчи со мной, выпьем из ковша ветер ледяной,
  Oh, the brave soul, stay silent with me, let us drink the icy wind from the bowl,
Неба водоём, вечности на час, слов не достаёт, ты запомни нас…
  Oh, the reservoir of heaven, the hour-long eternity, there aren’t enough words, please remember us…

A New Week to Conquer

I feel like that it is the very time to correct the work-life time balance.

So, I am going to fight to even out the work time load and my studies.

The return to Maths is the most expected thing by me.

As for the good news from around the world that came this weekend – I was very much impressed by the release of the Ukrainian heroes from Turkey. The Azov battalion – as well as their commanders – are the real heroes that destroyed literal hordes of Ruᛋᛋian pig-dogs and saved the Free World from the Ruᛋᛋian military incursions.

IBM, Red Hat and the Marketing on an Ideologically Charged Market

Since IBM has acquired RedHat it was obvious that the things are going to change in a more corporate fashion. After all, IBM have ever been a very serious and very technolgical entitiy that was fixated on keeping afloat and working with the best.

First, the CentOS was removed from the picture, because it was simply stealing the work of the Red Hat team by using a loop-hole in the viral GPL licence. And after that, the linux community has never been calm.

  • First, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux project stopped to give away the code to the internet. Which made the GPL-fanatics cringe and screech. It seems that all the free-riders have been shocked by the fact that IBM has started to put things in Red Hat into order.
  • Second, even the smart move of extending the free subscription limit for the developers from 16 to 240 systems (i.e. 15 times) was met by the Linux crowd with suspicion and hatred.

It shows that any marketing strategy would fail on an ideologically charged market, at least in the conditions when most of the buyers are free-loading commies who want to get their stuff free, and then some more.

They criticise Red Hat for being ‘vile’ while Red Hat does not even violate the GPL conditions, because all their ‘business’ was riding someone without paying the fare.

This shows again that the only acceptable open source licenses are the permissive ones like MIT, BSD and Apache 2, and the GPL vermin must be avoided at all costs, since it attracts hordes of the inadequate freeloaders.