I am I, not Anyone Else

One of the recent Meduza.io[RU] articles was about the discussion around the emigrées from Ruᛋᛋia. And an interesting sociological survey was attached too.

At the moment I completed it, about 27 per cent of the sample responded that they associate themselves with the ‘Ruᛋᛋians who have left Ruᛋᛋia’.This supports the old saying: you can get one from Ruᛋᛋia easily, but it is very difficult to get Ruᛋᛋia from one.

That is why I tend to avoid the Russian immigrants in Armenia. The problem is that the adequate people - in Ruᛋᛋia or outside of it - can leave normally and peacefully. But if someone is psychically Ruᛋᛋian, then that one will bring Ruᛋᛋia everywhere one goes.

It is indeed a bad habit — to identify oneself with the people you don't know or approve of, be it a nation, race, sex or something like that. It is even not an animalistic tendency: an average ape cares only about its own group members, and outsiders are often met with no love (or even killed on the spot).

Collectivism, more precisely, altruism is a thoroughly human kind of poison. Something like a memetic mind-parasite that makes people harm themselves to supposedly benefit some imaginary whole distributed who are able to institutionally link themselves to that imaginary sacrifice target.

So I honestly don't get why people flock into communities that, instead of adapting to the new reality, try to make a bubble, a miniaturised version of the place they have left. If you leave a bad spot on the map, leave it completely, do not put an idealised copy of it on your back and don't try to build a model of it somewhere else, you fools.

If someone calls me a Ruᛋᛋian, it does not make me a Ruᛋᛋian. If someone calls me a Japanese, it does not make a Japanese. If someone calls me a Jew, it does not make me a Jew.

As for me, I am I. Period. And I honestly recommend everyone to apply this approach. It does not make you lonely. It does not make you like your friends and family less. It just makes you more coherent, and less bound by tangible links to quite imaginary entities used to control you in someone else's interest.