The Middle of the Year

Half the year is lived through.

Quite an interest half, by the way.

The midterm impression of the year is rather clear and intense: I am not going the man I was, of course. On the other hand, I also found out that I definitely not want to be seen as, called or considered to be a Ruᛋᛋian.

Ilya Kormiltsev had quite a few good quotes in his LiveJournal about the so-called ‘Ruᛋᛋians’.

I love the Ruᛋᛋians. They always know for sure, who should be banned. For about twenty years or so I hope that someone arrives and bans them. As a class. With all their millennial history of their bosses' ass licking, of lash and nagaoka, of alcoholism and degeneracy, of violence and inhuman hatred. With every fucktard who knows who exactly should be banned. Alas, these strange creatures do not quite understand that they look like disgusting frees to the whole world… They sake, snivel and make faces in hope to be seen by anyone… but no one… sees them… I am afraid of one thing — that this vermin may have an idea to attempt to ban the humanity as a whole.
Ilya Kormiltsev

And also this:

I have never worked for the intelligentsia. I have never been a part of it. The educated folk, the intellectuals, free professionals — all this is not intelligentsia. The intelligentsia is sitting in the ОГИ and is reading [Haruki] Murakamy. They prepare to ideologically maintain the new version of Chinghiskhania.
Ilya Kormiltsev

And the most resonating

In addition to that it must be recognised that for me nation is a matter of self-identification, not of blood. It is very easy to stop being a Ruᛋᛋian — it is enough to say ‘I am not a Ruᛋᛋian’ in the presence of witnesses, it's like the shahada. Ruᛋᛋian for me is the one who pray on Kremlin and yet another vampire sitting there at the moment, the one who is in ecstasy from the sight on the dirty smoking towers of the Barad-Dur-Moscow and so on and so forth. This piece of shit deserves only the excavator blade, and we need Another Russia and other Russians — ideally, Another Earth and another humanity.
Ilya Kormiltsev

As it happens in history, less than in 20 years since Kormiltsev's words, his having been right was proven once and for all. He stood on the giants' shoulders and thus saw farther than the others.

And this finding gave me a very important goal in my life: not to be a Ruᛋᛋian and to do everything that would make the Ruᛋᛋians cringe when they see me. Because I am not that piece of shit to be classified as a Ruᛋᛋian.