Work & Study : The Ruᛋᛋian Way

A cool find in the Ruᛋᛋian YT shows how the Ruᛋᛋian system of education is rapidly transforming from the Soviet-style bullshit to a Ruᛋᛋian Taliban.

The Alabuga Polytechnic College is quite a sight, as it seems:

  • Ungedage Students Building Shaheed Drones
  • Contracts for studying with free entrance and huge fees for drop-outs ($4,500 per year)
  • Mandatory paramilitary-style training under the threat of expelling
  • Replacement of studies with work

This is an unfortunate but logical conclusion for the Ruᛋᛋian education system: the quality of studies is being constantly sacrificed to the political goals. Sometimes these goals are relatively innocent like university-scale testing fraud or voluntary-mandatory participation in the pro-government events. Sometimes, and the farther into war the more, these goals acquire quite a grim character.

It is yet another show-case that in Ruᛋᛋia, the education system is being replaced with a system of indoctrination; academic independence and achievement is yet again replaced with the loyalty to the Party and critical thinking and active citizenship is punished both institutionally and monetarily.