A day of Counterfeit Knowledge

1 вересня на свіняче-собачіх болотах - це завжди свято лицемірства та брехні.

Свінособаки не могуть навчати своїх найобишів: вони могуть тільки індоктринуваті їх довбоєбстьвом і говноїдьством.

Освіта у Росії вбито всіх рівнях, відєбано в дупу і закопано: цілеспрямовано готується лише скотомаса, нездатна ні з роботи за професією, ні з розумне мішлення. Якщо хтось і виявляється здатним думати, це всупереч, не завдяки.

– https://lj.rossia.org/users/fleam/1507.html

The 1st of September, which is proudly called The Day of Knowledge in Ruᛋᛋia is quite a characteristic scene for the most of the participants. Schools, universities and colleges open their doors to the newcomers and those who have already suffered the Ruᛋᛋian ‘Education’, and everything begins with the insincere banalities, tasteless music and the bullshit about the importance of education (which no one is about to give to the students).

There may be no good education in the country where the Government (either overtly or covertly) is the main employer, indeed. But that's not all: in a country where the government is just a super-structure over the feudal relationships, it is guaranteed that almost everyone will receive an anti-education that will leave them far behind the children of the ‘nobility’, who most probably will study abroad.

The kinds of ‘Knowlendge’ offered for celebrations to the Ruᛋᛋians is quite notorious and smelly:

  • The "Fundamentals of the Ruᛋᛋian Statehood" (Основы российской государственности)
  • The "Talks about the Important [Things]" (Разговоры о Важном)
  • The high course of school social sciences, missing such topics as "Democracy", "Transparent elections" and "Freedom of speech" and so on

It seems that the main peice of ‘Knowledge’ Kiriyenko and Putin want to put in the heads of all the students is simply ‘Love Your Comrade President, You Filthy Serf, Do as He Says’ - albeit in an bit obfuscated way so that the public could pretend for at least themselves that they have not been collectively degraded to the cogs in some criminal machine.

Luna-25 has shown the bleeding edge of the Ruᛋᛋian STEM disciplines - Ruᛋᛋians were not even able to grab the soviet project, hook on some new tech and have it work (compare this case to the Indian project which works well and was built from scratch).

The Ruᛋᛋian humanities have long became an anecdote.

There is no need to teach Law when the country is ruled without one.

And as for the medicine - well, in the name of fighting the Western Big Farma, Putin has no issue with letting millions of his citizens die of the simple diseases that could easily be cured before he attacked Ukraine. So, we should expect the appropriate ‘negative increase’ in the quality to the doctors produced by the Ruᛋᛋian universities.

And an interesting case – so not to let anyone get real knowledge or education by chance, the Ruᛋᛋian government extends the list of the blocked and propaganda-free web sites: from an outright ban of Wikipedia to the initiatives to either ban the teaching of foreign languages in the schools and universities, or degrade it significantly.

Happy Ruᛋᛋian Knowledge Day!