A Friendly Reminder


All my articles from 1st July are set to be posted at 4:20 GMT.

I want to write dope texts, so that timing may be quite right.

News about Me (1st Half of June)

  1. I have finally gotten the Web 1.0 look and feel for the web site using this wonderful open-source theme. Shout out to Erick Rucker from http://bhtooefr.org.
  2. I have unsubscribed from Twitter Blue and decided not to integrate my Twitter feed to the website. Reason? Twitter is just a hot pile of mess, that has more fuel for emotional involvement than the actual information of importance that can feed my (or your) brains.
  3. As of now, the comments on the web site are turned off (of course, until real living people want to comment my scribblings). Reason: I don't want to empty my spam bin on the daily basis.
  4. A month out of the Russian Federation has done to my mental health more good than 3 years on Zoloft and Selectra. An important life lesson leant avoid living in a bullshit society.

Surfacing up – not to drown Again

There happened much since my last post in this blog: most importantly, I have finally left the Russian Federation (it seems that for good).

So, now I am busy doing a lot of things:

  • Improving the documentation at work
  • Learning languages
  • Studying for becoming a better member of the internationally available workforce;

This all means that there will be much more to tell and to share with the world!

Summing Up 2022 and Setting Up 2023

On 2022

The last three years were not at all pleasant or happy, but the 2022 was the worst one; The country I was born in showed the world its worst. So bad to the point I am no longer consider myself to be a Russian. If Russians made Bucha Massacre, I am in no way a Russian. I don't want to be classified with the same label this murdering and raping scum of the Earth. I have never viewed Ukraine as an enemy, and seeing ~70% of people in Russia doing so makes me sick of my country of birth, the country that degraded from the victors over fascism into a literal fascists state.

Ukraine has shown us much about the real meaning of national pride, dignity and unity. And I have no doubt that 2023 will be the Year of Victory over Russia.

Another country, with which I fell in love, was Armenia. A wonderful, ardent and beautiful country that sheltered me at the worst period of the year. I think I'll move there for good as soon as I've finished my Bachelor's degree.

But speaking about my intellectual life, I don't have much to say. I continue to develop my point of view on the sociological matters – more precisely, on the non-existence of ‘sociology’ as a specific science and the need for re-structuring the understanding of Social Science in general.

On 2023

I do not have many hopes for 2023. To make me absolutely happy, the victory of Ukraine will suffice regardless of my personal financial standing.

As for the studies – I hope I shall be able to tease some geese with the critique of sociology as it is institutionalised at some conferences.

Speaking of personal life – hopefully, I shall be able to get a parrot.

And, of course, there should definitely be much studying and a lot of interesting discoveries.

The Pinned Post

Hello everyone!

You can call me Ismael Boris.

I am an aspiring apprentice in the field of the Social Sciences. At the moment, I live in Armenia and dream of becoming a journalist and social research agency manager.

On this web site you can find my notes, thoughts and publication in English, Russian*, Ukrainian,  French, German and Armenian.