Taking The Russian Back

I think that there is still a way to speak my mother's tongue without being a PigDogsian, a.k.a. a Ruᛋᛋian, a.k.a. a Moskal.

  1. I need to study the ways of speaking from my home region: strong jakanie (леса - л'аса); tsokannie (Опочка - Опоцка, цедить - чедить); the -ой ending as -эй or -ый; using ў at the end of the words; the alveolearised Л.
  2. Using the native morphology: the same endings for the Instrumental and dative case in plural (пойдем за грибам); the plural ending -ы.
  3. All these changes should be incorporated into my writing in as systematic way, before I switch to the latin script which I should also adjust to the new phonetics.