IBM, Red Hat and the Marketing on an Ideologically Charged Market

Since IBM has acquired RedHat it was obvious that the things are going to change in a more corporate fashion. After all, IBM have ever been a very serious and very technolgical entitiy that was fixated on keeping afloat and working with the best.

First, the CentOS was removed from the picture, because it was simply stealing the work of the Red Hat team by using a loop-hole in the viral GPL licence. And after that, the linux community has never been calm.

  • First, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux project stopped to give away the code to the internet. Which made the GPL-fanatics cringe and screech. It seems that all the free-riders have been shocked by the fact that IBM has started to put things in Red Hat into order.
  • Second, even the smart move of extending the free subscription limit for the developers from 16 to 240 systems (i.e. 15 times) was met by the Linux crowd with suspicion and hatred.

It shows that any marketing strategy would fail on an ideologically charged market, at least in the conditions when most of the buyers are free-loading commies who want to get their stuff free, and then some more.

They criticise Red Hat for being ‘vile’ while Red Hat does not even violate the GPL conditions, because all their ‘business’ was riding someone without paying the fare.

This shows again that the only acceptable open source licenses are the permissive ones like MIT, BSD and Apache 2, and the GPL vermin must be avoided at all costs, since it attracts hordes of the inadequate freeloaders.