Progress With Markov

I have successfully finished the first chapter of Markov's book on the theory of algorithms. In short – it's interesting, but quite complex.

The good part is that Markov strongly relies on the inductive method and because of that, one quickly catches up with the author.

Another interesting finding - the Refal programming language which seems to be based on the principles of Markov's Normal Algorithms. It seems that it does not have a large community, so finding a working interpreter may be actually harder than writing one by the specifications from the 1980s, LOL.

Maths Plans

Got all the shots, and then some more.

In return to my Math studies, I decided to pursue this way.

flowchart TB id00["Mathematical Logic"] id01["Algebra"] id02["Real Analysis"] id03["Complex Analysis"] id04["Probability"] id05["Statistics"] id00 -->|"Markov A.A. Theory of Algorithms"| id01 id01 -->|"Serge Lang. Algebra"| id02 id02 -->|"Baby Rubin"| id03 id03 -->|"???"| id04 id04 -->|"Shirayev. Probability"| id05