Certification Shenanigans

I found out that it is not easy to have a Microsoft Office Specialist exam in the ex-USSR countries. Ruᛋᛋia is obviously out of question and the nearest test centre is situated in Tbilisi, Georgia.

So, I have to figure out whether I could pass several MO-*00 exams in a shot succession, like an exam a day or something like that so not to get broke due to train tickets.

Nevertheless, the next 6 months will be spent on getting the Microsoft Office Expert badge no matter what.

flowchart LR subgraph ide01["MS Office Associate"] id01["MO-100 (Word)"] id02["MO-200 (Excel)"] id03["MO-300 (Power Point)"] end subgraph ide02["MS Office Expert"] id11["MO-201 (Excel)"] id12["MO-101 (Word)"] end ide01 --> ide02