Do Not Forget

Ruᛋᛋia Is a Terrorist State

English names for the Russian Federation

  • Ruᛋᛋia
  • 4th Reich
  • Vatnostan

Ruᛋᛋian name for the Russian Federation

  • Рашка-Пидорашка
  • Блинолопатная Скотопахомия
  • Хуйлостанская Блинолопатия
  • Гнилопомойная Нефтедырная Пынебабвийская Обсерация

If you have adequate friends and/or relatives in Ruᛋᛋia – do the utmost to evacuate them, before the vatnicks return to the Stalin level of snitching and repressions. There are adequate people living in Ruᛋᛋia, about 15-20%, and they are the only ones worth saving. If they don't want to escape, teach them how to use VPN, how to get money from outside Ruᛋᛋia, how to encrypt mail and hide their identity online.

I do not believe in any kind of nuclear bullshit happening to Ruᛋᛋia, it will become just another North Korea for China, or another Haiti for the West. Only those who have ties to the outside can hope for a decent life or to get away from there.