The Surprising Nature of the Conservative Role of the Left

The negative dialectics of the modern leftism makes it the most prominent conservative force of our age. It might seem strange or unusual at the first glance, but this is a direct consequence of commodification of the Left discourse and social activism in general. Since 1960s, we see that he participation in acts of civic disobedience and radical activism slowly become:

  • socially acceptable
  • de-criminalised
  • a legit method for the political action

People go to the activism expecting immediate results, so they have to bring up quite radical claims so to affect the situation in a more or less profound way.

The conservative side of this embedding of the far-left politics into the political sphere are quite surprising and obvious at the same time:

The obvious part is that radical Left call radical Right to life. It's not a ‘horse shoe theory’ it is a simple fact that as soon you introduce a radical position on one end of the spectrum, the disturbed people on the other will also radicalise to a similar extent.

The not so obvious part is that since being a leftist no longer means bearing a social stigma, the participation in the leftist actions has become a form of spectacle (as opposed to life-style), and seriously diluted the intellectual level of the average activist: after all, chanting slogans is much easier than reading a lot of complicated literature on the subject. Radicalism has become cheap and mostly non-demanding, and thus much easier to be taken beyond any limits.

This could not fail to lead to the emergence of a whole caste of narcissistic manipulators taking over the Left and reproducing the same reality under the new discourse (oftentimes unbeknownst to themselves).

In the days of yore, the social segregation was fuelled by the ideas of White supremacy and Black inferiority. But now we move to the same kind of segregation, that comes out of the attitudes of White guilt and Black victimhood. Of course, no one from the modern Left believes that the Black people are inferior to any other people. Yet, the results of their actions leave to segregation, where people are either coming together for a protection from the out-groups, or are separated institutionally with some pædogogic motive.

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