The Repressive Normality

The mode of normality widespread in the ex-USSR societies is definitely repressive and dysfunctional.

Being a ‘normal’ person in Ruᛋᛋia, for example, means being a Nazi, or a Nazi collaborator, to believe in bullshit propaganda and be exploited by the insane mob, that treats the people under their control ass infinitely malleable and literally infinite mass.

Normalcy (or normality, if you want) is a statistical category, it cannot hold any value, since no meta-data can be valued outside of the value framework of the analyst.

Of course, any government facilitates the compliance and conformity among the population under its control. However, the Ruᛋᛋian situation is quite a unique one due to:

  • the lack of horizontal links within the society;
  • the habit of being governed by a hyper-centralised power;
  • the lack of introspection in relation to the everyday life and the long-term plans.

All these factors contributed to the production of a dysfunctional normativity: dysfunctional in terms of the personal well-being of each of the governed.

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